A Message From West Ham Capital Inc.

Dear Reader,

As you know, West Ham Capital does not endorse or recommend any investments (least of all the ones in our portfolio). But we do have some recommendations for your personal finances that could save you a fair bit of money. Specifically, West Ham Capital suggests you consider two possibilities for your funds: FDIC-insured bank accounts, and lottery tickets.

The FDIC was created in response to bank-runs during the Great Depression, and it remains, to this day, a bedrock in the American financial system. With insurance limits up to $250,000 for individual accounts (and $500,000 for joint accounts), the FDIC protects your funds with the full backing and faith of the United States Government. Granted, we have some degree of skepticism about the United States, but despite the uncertain political climate and their questionable economic policy, the FDIC remains a well-run organization worthy of our trust. You can't go wrong with a local bank account or credit union account, and these days you might even get a healthy interest rate!*

*Please note, your savings rate is unlikely to exceed actual inflation, and the US Government has the absurdly invasive ability to violate your privacy and freeze your funds through numerous questionably constitutional laws and regulations. Don't worry we're sure that will all be fixed when the Fed builds a CBDC.

Every year, millions of people lose billions of dollars on their government-sanctioned lotteries. Why this form of state-sanctioned gambling is legal while many others are not confuses us, but frankly, it still beats losing all your money in a centralized shitcoin casino — at least the lottery proceeds ostensibly support public services rather than hollow PR campaigns about Effective Altruism. And where else are you going to put your money, the stock market? Bonds? Real estate? LOL.

West Ham Capital would like to further reiterate that the following financial advice was not, in fact, financial advice, and our lawyers assured us that by adding this caveat we have indemnified ourselves from any of your bad decisions.

...incidentally we are looking for new lawyers, so if you happen to know any, please reach out.

West Ham Capital

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